The most important aspect of any song are the vocals.

Your entire song is built around the vocals so why not get the most out of your vocal recordings from tracking to polish?

To best present your recorded vocals for processing it is essential to first use corrective techniques. This incorporates cleaning the channel, de essing for sibilance, managing plosives, using noise gates to remove background noise and headphone spill and gain staging.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I will show you how to use compressors in series to manage the dynamic range of the vocals, how to layer vocals and create harmonies both in your DAW and using stock plugins, show you how to use 3 stage compression for adding focus to a vocal take, how to tune and pitch vocals, how to use Bump Automation, how to successfully eq any vocal using my 4 Step Technique, how to duck, how to side-chain against the mix and so much more.

To be thorough I have used audio examples of EDM female vocals, Rap vocals, Rock vocals and Backing vocals in all the video tutorials.

Learn how to process Vocals both easily and professionally.


Compressing Rap Vocals Beginner

How to use a compressor for processing Rap vocals.
Duration: 15 mins

Feed-back Compression Intermediate

A thorough tutorial explaining both feedback and dynamic compression and how to use it to process female vocals.
Duration: 13 mins

Negative Limiting using Valley People Dyna-mite Advanced

What is negative limiting, how does it work and how to use it.
Duration: 5 mins

Layering Vocals using Parallel Compression Intermediate

Parallel processing techniques for layering vocals.
Duration: 5 mins

Converting Mono Channels to Stereo for Parallel Processing Intermediate

How to configure mono and stereo channels for vocal parallel processing.
Duration: 4 mins

Noise Gate - What is it and how does it work Beginner

What is a noise gate, how does it work and when to use it..
Duration: 11 mins

De-esser - what is it and how does it work Beginner

What is a de-esser, how it works and how and when to use it.
Duration: 12 mins

Using Dynamic Equalisation on Female Vocals Advanced

Using a dynamic eq to process female vocals. Add motion and vibrancy to female vocal recordings.
Duration: 11 mins

Creating the 3 master reverbs using the FabFilter Pro R reverb Advanced

Crafting the three main reverbs used in mixing.
Duration: 9 mins

Constructing the 3 master mix reverbs using Melda MReverb Advanced

The art and science of working the main mix reverbs in series and in parallel using Melda's MReverb plugin..
Duration: 9 mins

Creating a Smooth and Liquid Reverb Intermediate

Techniques in how to manipulate reverbs using sibilance plugins to achieve a smooth and warm texture.
Duration: 5 mins

Using Reverbs In Series for Female Vocals Intermediate

Understanding how to configure multiple reverbs in series for processing female vocals.
Duration: 5 mins

Reverb Effect - what is it and how does it work Beginner

Everything you will ever need to know about the reverb effect, how it works, when to use it and how to use it
Duration: 13 mins

Reverb - manipulating distance using Proximity Intermediate

Learn about the reverb proximity effect and how to control it. Create distance and 'behind' you effects.
Duration: 9 mins

iZotope Ozone Reverb - how to create a mix reverb Beginner

A very cool technique for creating that elusive master reverb for your mixes.
Duration: 5 mins

Controlling Vocal Sibilance Intermediate

Understanding sibilance in vocals and best how to control it.
Duration: 8 mins

Reverb smoothing using a De-Esser Intermediate

Advanced techniques on manipulating and smoothing reverbs using a de-esser.
Duration: 12 mins

Creating a Big Studio Reverb a.k.a the Abbey Rd Reverb Intermediate

Create the famous Abbey Rd Big Studio Reverb for your mix projects.
Duration: 8 mins

Processing Female Vocals using the Reverb 2445 Intermediate

Processing female vocals with the famous EMT 2445 reverb - transparency and lush at its best!
Duration: 7 mins

Using a Flanger to create Stereo Effects Advanced

Advanced techniques for creating very cool stereo effects using a flanger effect.
Duration: 9 mins

Flanger Effect - what is it and how does it work Beginner

A fully detailed journey into what a flanger effect is, how to use it and when to use it.
Duration: 8 mins

Using Stereo Delays on Vocals Intermediate

Using stereo and dual mono delay effects for modulating the stereo width of vocal lines.
Duration: 9 mins

Delay Effect - Cross Feedback and Style Intermediate

Understanding and manipulating crossfeed and style algorithms for the delay effect so as to create huge sound scapes.
Duration: 12 mins

Using a Delay to create Chorus Intermediate

Learn how to create the chorus effect using a delay effect processor.
Duration: 3 mins

Soundtoys Crystallizer- using Granular Synthesis on Vocals Advanced

An advanced tutorial for creating pitch shifted chorus effects using granular processing. Let me show you how to create epic vocal effects using this simple effect!
Duration: 9 mins

Using Chorus Creatively on Vocals Advanced

Advanced tutorial on how to use modulation with different types of chorus effects to process vocals.
Duration: 8 mins

Chorus Effect - what is it and how does it work Beginner

Thorough explanation of what chorus is, how it works and when to use it
Duration: 7 mins

Processing Rap Vocals - Prep and Optimisation Intermediate

Techniques to show you how to prepare male rap vocals for effects and mix bus processing.
Duration: 19 mins

Using Cubase's Stock Reverb Plugins Intermediate

Using Cubase's stock reverb plugins to create a huge and lush reverb effect.
Duration: 21 mins

Using Side-Chaining to Duck Reverbs on Vocals Intermediate

Ducking reverbs using side-chaining with vocals. Old school technique for cleaning vocal lines and managing spoken word in broadcasting.
Duration: 7 mins

Side-chaining Vocals against the Mix Intermediate

How to create space for vocals in a busy mix by using side-chaining!
Duration: 12 mins

Creating Vocal Harmonies using Cubase Intermediate

Learn how to create vocal harmonies using Cubase's time-stretching tools.
Duration: 12 mins

The 4 stages of Vocal Eq processing Intermediate

Learn how to eq vocals professionally and quickly using these 4 simple steps!
Duration: 17 mins

Gating Techniques for Vocals Intermediate

If your vocal recordings have background noise or headphone spill then this video tutorial could save your day.
Duration: 17 mins

Using EQ to Clean and Enrich Rap Vocals Intermediate

Clean and beef up male rap vocals using just an equaliser!
Duration: 10 mins

Layering Backing Vocals to create Harmonies Intermediate

Let me show you how you can maximise your backing vocals for impact and interest by band-passing and layering!
Duration: 13 mins

De-essing EDM female lead vocals Beginner

Struggling to de ess driving female lead vocals? This tutorial will guide you through all the steps.
Duration: 13 mins

Downward, Upward and Telecom Compression for Rap Vocals Intermediate

A unique approach in managing the Dynamic Range of rap vocals using various compression and expansion modes and topologies.
Duration: 12 mins

Ducking Effects in Real-time using Vocal Triggers Intermediate

Learn how to duck any effect anywhere using the vocal track as a trigger.
Duration: 14 mins

Extending the Dynamic Range of Rap Vocals Intermediate

A very cool technique demonstrating how to extend the dynamic range of rap vocals.
Duration: 17 mins

Processing Lead Rock Vocals Intermediate

A detailed tutorial on how to process lead Rock vocals to sit in a mix.
Duration: 13 mins

Processing Backing Vocals Beginner

Backing vocals are as important as lead vocals and understanding how to process them to best optimise them can be daunting.
Duration: 13 mins

Tuning and Pitching Lead Rock Vocals Intermediate

How to pitch and tune Rock vocals.
Duration: 13 mins

Using Bump Automation to Process Vocal's Volume Intermediate

Using bump automation to control the volume of recorded vocals.
Duration: 10 mins

Using Compression in Series to Process Lead Vocals Intermediate

Understanding how to use compression in series to control the dynamic range of lead vocals.
Duration: 7 mins

Using Modulators to add Dynamic Motion to Vocals Intermediate

Add interest to your vocal lines by modulating the volume.
Duration: 12 mins

Band-pass Equalisation - Slopes and Gradients Intermediate

To master equalisation you need to understand how the filter slope/gradient affects the equaliser's response.
Duration: 9 mins

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