Automation is a powerful feature of your DAW which records changes you make to mixer and plugin parameters.

The most common form, volume automation, will adjust the track levels during playback. To accomplish this an automation lane is created for each track you wish to automate. Set one or more automation lanes to ‘Write’ mode and then playback your song. Any adjustments you make to the faders on those tracks using the mouse or a control surface will be recorded. Then, by switching the automation lanes from ‘Write’ mode to ‘Read’ mode and restarting playback your on‑screen faders will exactly recreate the adjustments you made during the automation process.

But that’s just the start! The videos in this category demonstrate the process in detail not only for mixer tasks but also for plugin parameter control.


Real-time Automation Intermediate

Real-time automation - both creating automation lanes and recording and reading events within your DAW.
Duration: 4 mins

Automating Plugin Parameters Intermediate

Learn how to automate any and all plugin parameters using your DAW's automation lanes and real-time processing.
Duration: 6 mins

Automation Lanes - what are they and how to use them Intermediate

Understanding automation. Using automation lanes and nodes and understanding what are source and destination targets.
Duration: 7 mins

Using Midi Expression and Continuous Controllers Intermediate

How to use Midi Expression and Continuous Controllers to add life to your mixes.
Duration: 6 mins

Using a Phaser Effect on Synth Pad Sounds Advanced

Learn how to program lush evolving synth pad effects using a phaser effect.
Duration: 7 mins

Roland TR 808 Kick Drum Bounce Processing Intermediate

Get your 808s bouncing like a rubber ball!
Duration: 10 mins

Using Bump Automation to Process Vocal's Volume Intermediate

Using bump automation to control the volume of recorded vocals.
Duration: 10 mins

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