The best explanation I can think of to describe equalisation is that it is a glorified ‘tone control’. An equaliser simply boosts or cuts a specified frequency within audio. In fact, consider what a volume knob does on your sound system. It raises or reduces the gain/volume of a single band. That band encompasses the whole audio. The problem is not understanding what an equaliser is but how and when to use it.

This category explores the various types of equalisers available and how to use them on specific sources.

Equalisation at the channel stage for corrective processing is very different to equalisation at the mixbus for colour and I make sure to explore that in detail.

Most equaliser types are covered:
From multi-band to dynamic, linear phase to minimum phase, Active, Passive, Graphic, Parametric, Fixed and Peaking Eqs – each and every process is explained with before and after audio examples.

Manipulate and control your frequencies – from destructive to creative eq – it’s all here!

19 Tutorials available

Band-pass Equalisation - Slopes and Gradients Intermediate

To master equalisation you need to understand how the filter slope/gradient affects the equaliser's response.
Duration: 9 mins

Get your 808 Bass Drums to hit hard using Dynamic Equalisation Intermediate

Give your 808s bounce and colour using this surefire technique!
Duration: 13 mins

Using Dynamic EQ on the Drum Group Intermediate

Glue the drum group with dynamic equalisation!
Duration: 9 mins

Using Dynamic EQ to balance Kick and Bass Intermediate

Don't always reach for the compressor's side-chain to marry the kick to the bass. A dynamic eq can sometimes be better!
Duration: 8 mins

Using EQ for Punch and Clarity on a 909 Kick Drum Intermediate

Struggling to get your 909s to cut through the mix and invade the dance floor? Watch this.
Duration: 10 mins

Using EQ to add presence and dynamics to a Guitar Line Intermediate

Hit a brick wall trying to add spice to guitar recordings? Watch this step by step video tutorial on how to liven a guitar take.
Duration: 11 mins

Using EQ to add presence and dynamics to a Piano sound Intermediate

Finding it hard to nail that piano sound? Let me show you how by using equalisation to enrich and liven a staid piano sound.
Duration: 10 mins

Using EQ to add presence and dynamics to an Electric Bass Intermediate

Liven up electric guitars with these eq processes!
Duration: 13 mins

Using EQ to Clean and Enrich Rap Vocals Intermediate

Clean and beef up male rap vocals using just an equaliser!
Duration: 10 mins

Using the Pultec Eq on a Drum Beat Intermediate

Learn how to use Vintage Response equalisers on drum beats!
Duration: 8 mins

What is an equaliser and how does it work Beginner

What is equalisation, how it works and how to use it.
Duration: 19 mins

Linear Phase Eq versus Minimum Phase Eq Intermediate

A detailed tutorial on the differences between Linear and Minimum Phase topologies-how and when to use them.
Duration: 11 mins

Eq Filters and Slopes/Responses Intermediate

Which filters to select when using equalisation, how to match filter slopes and responses and how best to utilise them.
Duration: 13 mins

Working the Air Band with Equalisation Intermediate

Equalisation techniques to control and process the Air Band.
Duration: 9 mins

Active, Passive, Graphic, Parametric, Fixed and Peaking Eqs Intermediate

What are they, what are the differences between them, and how and when to use them
Duration: 13 mins

Dynamic EQ - what is it and how do you use it Intermediate

What is Dynamic Equalisation, how it works and how to use it.
Duration: 8 mins

Mastering Demos with EQ Advanced

How to best prep your demo masters with equalisation.
Duration: 5 mins

Mastering EQ - Air Band Processing Advanced

How to process the Air Band using equalisation-add sparkle and space to your mixes.
Duration: 8 mins

Using Dynamic Equalisation on Female Vocals Advanced

Using a dynamic eq to process female vocals. Add motion and vibrancy to female vocal recordings.
Duration: 11 mins

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