Beat Construction

Constructing drum beats and laying down grooves can be daunting for those without drumming abilities.

Fresh new drum breaks can be created in many ways however! Sampling from vinyl, slicing the samples to get individual hits and then rearranging those slices to form a new beat is a common method. Working with pre-existing commercial loops or programming rhythms using a MIDI editor are also viable approaches but THE most powerful technique is to extract both timing and notation information from a commercial beat and to use them with your own custom sounds to create completely fresh new grooves.

In this category I show you how to create unique drum beats and groove templates using the above techniques as well as how to polish the results using dynamics processing and other effects.

11 Tutorials available

Programming Drum Beats using Cubase's Key Editor Beginner

Learn how to program drum beats via the Key Editor in your DAW.
Duration: 16 mins

Topping and Tailing Ripped Beats - Truncating and Normalising Beginner

How to top and tail drum sounds extracted from a beat.
Duration: 6 mins

Chopping/Slicing Beats Using Recycle Beginner

How to chop/slice drum loops using Propellerheads Recycle.
Duration: 10 mins

Combining Ripped Beats to create new Beats Intermediate

A sound design technique covering how to rip two different beats, at different tempos, replace all the drum sounds within the beats and then mash them up together to create a new beat!
Duration: 7 mins

Creating a beat and an effect from a loop Intermediate

A sound design tutorial in how to create a beat and an effect from a single drum loop
Duration: 9 mins

Importing Recycle REX Files and Constructing New Beats Intermediate

Learn how to import Propellerheads Recycle REX files into Battery and to then create new beats from existing content.
Duration: 7 mins

Extracting Audio Slices from any Beat and Converting them to Midi Intermediate

How to extract timed audio slices from an existing drum beat and converting them into Midi data to use in your beats.
Duration: 5 mins

Working on the Sub Layer of a Kick Drum Intermediate

How to process a sub kick to blend in with a ripped beat!
Duration: 7 mins

Extracting Drum Sounds from a Beat Intermediate

How to rip and replace drum sounds (drum elements) within a beat using Drumagog.
Duration: 9 mins

Processing a Snare to fit in with a Ripped Drum Break Intermediate

Using drum replacement software to create new snares and to mash them up using a string of dynamics!
Duration: 7 mins

Ripping and using Timing Information from a Drum Beat Advanced

Rip timing and feel information from any beat and use it as a quantise template on your beats.
Duration: 5 mins

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