The Art of Drum Layering - Advanced

The Art of Drum Layering Advanced is jam-packed with over 60 minutes of advanced drum layering techniques. A comprehensive aid for pros and hobbyists alike, build on your know-how with easy to follow tutorials and produce truly epic beats.

Beat Construction

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The Art of Drum Layering – Advanced is a 1-hour video tutorial outlining, in detail, advanced drum layering techniques.

Over 60 minutes of advanced drum layering techniques used by industry professionals.

To get a taste of what is in the video please watch the demo video which highlights some of the processes used in the tutorial. If you are struggling with Drum Layering basic concepts then The Art of Drum Layering (second edition) is what you need to compliment this package. The book acts as a primer for the Advanced Video Series offered here.

The Art of Drum Layering – Advanced video delves deep into theories and working practices of how to layer drum sounds using all manner of dynamic tools. The video details how to use Magix Sound Forge to reshape existing drum samples, top and tail samples to remove dead space and peak normalise to a target value and to use dynamic processors to add interest to staid drum samples. The layering processes are further explored using Cockos Reaper DAW.

Video Contents

  • Layering Drum Sounds
  • Creating and Layering ADSR Elements
  • Layering Primary and Secondary Sounds
  • Calculating Sample Nudge Values
  • Real-time Nudging of Flipped Channels
  • Using Filters
  • Band Cancellation
  • Understanding Energy. Band Specific Processing
  • Using Middle and Side: M/S
  • Extracting Middle and Side Information
  • Inversions
  • Phase and Phase Cancellation
  • Stereo Widening. Using Envelopes
  • Peak and Trough Alignment
  • Channel Summing
  • Realigning Elements for Different Textures
  • Switching Elements
  • Inverting Single Channels from Stereo Channels
  • Summing Inversions. Dual-Channel Tonal Layering
  • DAW Tools
  • Best Practices


Contents: 1 video totaling 60 minutes

Format: MP4

Compatibility: Mac/PC

Author: Eddie Bazil

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