Drum Design

The sound design tutorials in this category show you exciting ways of creating brand new drum sounds. Further, I guide you through how to use effects to make your creations even more interesting and dynamic.


Chopping/Slicing Beats Using Recycle Beginner

How to chop/slice drum loops using Propellerheads Recycle.
Duration: 10 mins

Combining Ripped Beats to create new Beats Intermediate

A sound design technique covering how to rip two different beats, at different tempos, replace all the drum sounds within the beats and then mash them up together to create a new beat!
Duration: 7 mins

Processing a Snare to fit in with a Ripped Drum Break Intermediate

Using drum replacement software to rip a snare drum from a commercial drum beat and then creating new snares using a string of dynamics!
Duration: 7 mins

Working on the Sub Layer of a Kick Drum Intermediate

How to process a sub kick to blend in with a ripped beat!
Duration: 7 mins

Topping and Tailing Ripped Beats - Truncating and Normalising Beginner

How to top and tail drum sounds extracted from a beat. Topping and Tailing refers to truncating and normalising audio along with fade ins and outs. 
Duration: 6 mins

Extracting Drum Sounds from a Beat using Drumagog Intermediate

How to rip and replace drum sounds (drum elements) within a beat using Drumagog.
Duration: 9 mins

Compressing Roland TR 808 Kick Drums Intermediate

Understanding and exploring Roland TR 808 kick drum compression techniques.
Duration: 12 mins

Compressing Roland TR 909 Kick Drums Intermediate

A detailed journey into how best to use a compressor for processing Roland TR 909 kick drums.
Duration: 15 mins

Compressing EDM Drums Beats Beginner

A detailed tutorial on how to compress a driving EDM Drum Beat.
Duration: 9 mins

Layering drums using middle and side processing Advanced

Sound Design tutorial on how to create a background ambient texture from a drum loop using M/S (Middle and Side) and Layering it with drum sounds.
Duration: 6 mins

Processing Low End Kicks Intermediate

Very cool techniques on how to process Low End kicks for a bigger sound!
Duration: 7 mins

Using Phase Cancellation in Sound Design Advanced

An advanced Samplecraze sound design tutorial on how to use flip/inversion, sample nudge and phase cancellation within your DAW to create new sounds.
Duration: 15 mins

Harmonizer Effect - what it is and how to use it Intermediate

What is a harmonizer effect - how does it work and how to use it for adding harmonies to vocals or to create interesting special effects. In this video I use the mighty Eventide Harmonizer 910 to maul a drum beat!
Duration: 7 mins

Using Expansion - the power of Side-chaining Advanced

Advanced tutorial on how to use the side-chain of an expander to create new textures for a drum beat. Expansion is a well know dynamic that professionals use for a number of corrective and mixing processes.
Duration: 6 mins

Drum Reverb Intermediate

Covering techniques, pitfalls and advanced functions on how to configure and use drum reverbs.
Duration: 6 mins

Add Variety to your Drum Beats using Delay Effects Intermediate

Sound design tutorial on using delay effects to create a variety of drum textures using existing sounds.
Duration: 10 mins

Using a Delay to Manipulate Stereo Width Intermediate

Using a delay effect to create and manipulate stereo width. Make your mixes wider!
Duration: 5 mins

EDM Kick Drum Processing using Valves/Tubes Intermediate

How to use valves/tubes to add warmth and thickness to EDM kick drums.
Duration: 11 mins

Compressing EDM Kick Drums Advanced

Advanced tutorial on how to use a compressor to shape and colour EDM kick drums.
Duration: 15 mins

Roland TR 808 Kicks and Multiband Compression Intermediate

Learn how to use a multiband compressor (MBC) to shape and colour Roland TR 808 bass drums. Getting 808s to swell and bounce has never been easier.
Duration: 7 mins

Layering Drum Sounds using Multiple Layers Intermediate

Learn how to layer drum sounds by using multiple layers and with parallel processing.
Duration: 9 mins

Drum Layering Basics Beginner

A detailed tutorial on how to layer drums like a pro!
Duration: 9 mins

Drum processing using Middle and Side - M/S Intermediate

An advanced tutorial that details how to use M/S (Middle and Side) processing to shape and colour drum sounds.
Duration: 6 mins

Drum Layering in Native Instruments Battery Beginner

Learn how to manipulate and process drum sounds using Native Instruments Battery.
Duration: 4 mins

Create Epic Drums Sounds using the 'Flip and Nudge' Technique Intermediate

An advanced Samplecraze technique for processing and layering drum sounds using a unique approach to sound design - as featured in Sound On Sound Magazine.
Duration: 11 mins

Shaping Drum Sounds for Layering Beginner

A detailed tutorial on how to prepare your samples for drum layering using ADSR envelopes, truncating and normalising.
Duration: 5 mins

Creating a Huge Low End Kick Intermediate

A sound design tutorial on how to use dynamic processors to create an epic low end kick!
Duration: 6 mins

Adding Sheen and Bounce to Roland TR 808 Kick drums Intermediate

Learn how to add 'bounce' and sheen to a Roland TR 808 bass drums.
Duration: 8 mins

Using Recycle REX Files and Constructing New Beats Intermediate

Learn how to import Propellerheads Recycle REX files into NI's Battery and to then create new beats from existing content.
Duration: 7 mins

Programming Drum Beats using Cubase's Key Editor Beginner

Learn how to program amazing drum beats using the Key Editor in your DAW.
Duration: 16 mins

Layering Snares using a Synthesizer and a Noise Gate Intermediate

A sound design tutorial on layering snares using tone generators, noise gates and advanced routing techniques.
Duration: 10 mins

Layering Snares using a Noise Gate and Pink/White Noise Intermediate

Sound design tutorial on how to create new snare textures using a noise gate and pink/white noise.
Duration: 13 mins

Layering Kick Drums using a Tone/Test Generator and a Noise Gate Intermediate

Learn how to create epic new kick drums using noise gates and tone generators. The noise gate shapes the tone generator which is then layered with a kick drum.
Duration: 15 mins

Roland TR 808 Kick Drum Bounce Processing Intermediate

Get your 808s bouncing like a rubber ball!
Duration: 10 mins

Layering Kick Sounds using Tone Modules Intermediate

Build the most potent kicks known to mortals using advanced drum layering techniques!
Duration: 21 mins

Processing a Kick Drum in Parallel Advanced

Sound design tutorial - creating a monster kick drum using tone modules.
Duration: 12 mins

How to use Reverb for Electronic Drums Beginner

Let me help you to understand and master electronic drum reverb processing to bring out the best in your beat creations!
Duration: 11 mins

Avoiding Masking and Summing of frequencies by Panning Intermediate

Understanding what is panning, masking of frequencies and summing within your DAW!
Duration: 5 mins

The Art of Drum Layering - Advanced Advanced

Drum layering techniques and processes for beat makers and producers! Learn how to: use envelope shapers/generators to reshape drum sounds, create drum elements for layering drums, layering within your DAW and the Samplecraze Flip and Nudge technique for really big sounding drums!
Duration: 60 mins

Using EQ to add Punch and Clarity on a TR 909 Kick Drum Intermediate

Struggling to get your 909s to cut through the mix and invade the dance floor? Watch this.
Duration: 10 mins

Using Dynamic EQ on the Drum Group Intermediate

Glue the drum group with dynamic equalisation!
Duration: 9 mins

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