Low End

If there is one area that confuses both beat makers and producers alike it is the management of the Low End in the mix.

It can be a nightmare understanding how to get the bass and kick to marry each other. If you are into the Urban genres then you can appreciate how difficult it can be to get an 909 bass drum to not conflict with the bass-line. In EDM the low end can be even harder to manage as there are many sounds that encroach into this frequency range.

The video tutorials in this category cover some of the traditional techniques used to manage the low end and are explained in detail using before and after audio examples. However, I have also made sure to include some novel approaches to treating this problem area.


7 Tutorials available

Low End - what is Low End and how to Analyse it Beginner

What is Low End and how to analyse the frequency content of a mix?
Duration: 8 mins

Processing Low End Kicks Intermediate

Advanced techniques on how to process Low End kicks for a bigger sound!
Duration: 7 mins

Roland TR 808 Kick Drum Bounce Processing Intermediate

Get your 808s bouncing like a rubber ball!
Duration: 10 mins

Layering drums using middle and side processing Advanced

Sound Design tutorial on how to create a background texture from a drum loop using M/S and Layering.
Duration: 6 mins

Mixing Bass and Kick Intermediate

Mixing the bass and kick can be troublesome, but that can be handled by working on the harmonics and complimentary frequencies.
Duration: 15 mins

Side-chain Pumping Effect Advanced

Detailed tutorial on how to use side-chaining and filtering to create the Pump effect.
Duration: 9 mins

Using Ghost Triggers for side-chaining Advanced

Advanced parallel processing techniques for Low End management using side-chaining with kicks and basses.
Duration: 8 mins

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