Whereas an equaliser will boost or attenuate the amplitude of specific frequencies or ranges of audio a Filter will, generally, only cut and over a specified range.

We tend to use equalisation for tonal balance and to generally improve the signal’s frequency response. However, when it comes to dramatic changes to a signal we might opt for a dedicated Filter unit.

Most dedicated filter devices/plugins come with acres of control. Quite often the modulation matrix on a filter unit is housed with lots of modulation sources with each controlling different parts of the filter. Filter sweeps are common in all genres of music but the filter bank/unit can do so much more. Self oscillation comes to mind..

In this category I run you through some of the techniques I use to add life to a mix by using filters with extensive modulation.

Creative filtering for the sound designer and producer!


Using a Step Sequencer to control Filter Cut-Off and Resonance


Using a Step Sequencer as a Modulator to process both the Filter Cut-Off and the Resonance of a Filter processor to add spice and motion to a drum beat!
Duration: 7 mins

Using Modulation with a Single Band Filter - Soundtoys FilterFreak


Create Crazy Effects using a Modulator to process a Single Filter Band on a drum beat!
Duration: 6 mins

Using Modulation with a 2 Band Filter - FabFilter Simplon


Creating Cross Modulation by using 2 band Filters in Series and in Parallel to process a drum beat. FabFilter Simplon shines in this tutorial.
Duration: 7 mins

Filters and Filtering - what are filters and how do they work


What is a Filter, how does it work,what do the functions do and how to use it.
Duration: 4 mins

Using Modulators to add Dynamic Motion to Vocals


Add interest to your vocal lines by modulating the volume.
Duration: 12 mins

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