Processing Female Vocals using the Reverb 2445

Processing female vocals with the famous EMT 2445 reverb - transparency and lush at its best!


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Processing Female Vocals using the Reverb 2445 is a video tutorial explaining how to use the famous EMT reverbs to process vocal recordings.

The PSP 2445 is a reverb effect plugin that emulates two of the most famous digital reverbs to have graced recording studios: the EMT 244 and 245. The PSP 2445 includes both models of this classic reverb which can be run individually or combined. The reverb algorithms implemented in PSP 2445 are based on original algorithms designed by Dr. Barry Blesser who invented the famous and EMT 250.

In terms of features, the original 244 and 245 were very similar, with the 245 gaining an early reflections feature and 8 fixed pre-delay settings. The PSP2445 has 19 reverb time settings as opposed to the 16 that were provided with the original hardware counterparts. From the drop-down menu panel additional editing features are afforded for the user which include different configurations for stereo and dual-mono, a width control, High Pass filter, Left and Right balance and Low and High-Frequency Reverb Time Adjustment.

Although you are constrained with the fixed settings for reverb length and pre-delay it is surprisingly intuitive and fun to use and affords some gorgeous reverb textures.

The two topologies differ in their responses with the 244 sounding thicker and denser and the 245 sounding brighter and more focused.

In this tutorial, I am using the PSP 2445 to treat female vocals.

In the Processing Female Vocals using the Reverb 2445 video, I explain all the features of the PSP 2445 and how to edit them to process female vocals. I show you how easy it is to achieve some wonderful reverb textures using the fixed settings available and I delve a little deeper into customising the reverb to create a smooth and lush vocal reverb.

The plugin used in this video:

PSP 2445 Digital Reverberator

Topics covered in this video are:

  • Best practices for female vocals
  • PSP 244 and 245. The legendary sound!
  • The power of fixed filters
  • From transparency to lush colour
  • Reflections and Reverb
  • Filter crossovers
  • Fixed and Variable Times

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