Reverb - manipulating distance using Proximity

Learn about the reverb proximity effect and how to control it. Create distance and 'behind' you effects using TDR's Proximity.

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Reverb – manipulating distance using Proximity is a video tutorial that explains how to use the Proximity plugin to manipulate distance with reverb effects.

The Proximity Effect is known to many producers and is the bane of our existence. BUT it can also be a weapon.

Proximity Effect

The proximity effect is actually a term we use to describe a microphone’s sensitivity to low-frequency content when using a microphone at close distances. It comes across as bass-heavy and in fact, we have an industry term, albeit Old School, for this exact effect – Bass Tip-Up.

The beauty of this vocation, ie music production, is that we love to break the rules. What we are supposed to do and what we choose to do are two different things entirely. The concept of sticking to a specific processor to conduct a pre-defined task is alien to us. We love to mix and match processes and processors. In fact, we have created many useful new techniques because of our lack of strict discipline in ‘using the right processor for the right job’. One such flagrant abuse of correct protocol is using a Proximity control plugin to control distance when using reverb. Instead of using the plugin to manage mic recordings, and particularly in treating the proximity effect, we use it to control the perception of distance when using a reverb effect.

The Proximity plugin is free and available from the wonderful Tokyo Dawn Labs website.

In the Reverb – manipulating distance using Proximity video I show you how to use the Proximity plugin to manipulate distance when using a reverb effect. I show you how to use the plugin for different distancing purposes and run through the varying parameters available explaining what they do and how they affect distance.

The plugin used in this video:

Proximity plugin

Topics covered in this video are:

  • What is the Proximity Effect
  • Controlling the Proximity effect for distance
  • How to create ‘behind’ effects. Make the sound sit in the back
  • True Delay and Air Absorption
  • TDR Proximity and how to use it
  • Modulating distance
  • Stereo Width and Reflections

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