Mastering and MixBus

This category of video tutorials aims to help you in understanding how to best manage the master bus of your DAW project and to confidently master your demos.

Learn the requirements for Mastering music, the processes it entails and how to achieve the perfect master by managing the MixBus correctly and creatively.


Brickwall Limiting Beginner

A detailed tutorial explaining what a brickwall limiter is, how it works and how to use it on a stereo mix.
Duration: 8 mins

Multiband Compression - what is it and how do you use it Beginner

A detailed tutorial on what is a multiband (MBC) compressor, how does it work and how to use it to treat a Hip Hop mix.
Duration: 18 mins

Compression - what is it and how to use it Beginner

What is a compressor, how does it work and how and when to use it.
Duration: 25 mins

Mix Bus Compressor Topologies - which compressor to use on the master bus Intermediate

Covering the various compressor topologies (designs) for the Mix Bus and how best to use and configure them.
Duration: 13 mins

The 4 Modes of Compression and Expansion Intermediate

Covering all forms of Downward and Upward Compression and Downward and Upward Expansion.
Duration: 11 mins

Compressor Types - FET , Opto, VCA and Vari-Mu Intermediate

Detailed explanation of the various types of compressors with processed before/after audio examples to display the differences between compressor designs.
Duration: 18 mins

Transparent Brickwall Limiting Intermediate

How to use a limiter transparently for pre-mastering for your mixes.
Duration: 7 mins

Transparent Limiting with a Compressor Beginner

How to use a compressor as a transparent Limiter for pre-mastering your mixes.
Duration: 7 mins

Cubase Balanced Panner versus Combined Panner Beginner

What are the differences between Balanced and Combined Panners within your DAW and how and when to use them.
Duration: 7 mins

Band Pass Equalisation - cleaning audio channels Intermediate

How to prepare your audio for mixing by using band pass equalisation for cleaning and making sure to shape the filter slopes to match the audio's response.
Duration: 13 mins

Mixing to Pink Noise Intermediate

A detailed mix tutorial on how to use Pink Noise as a reference to control and manage gain levels within your DAW.
Duration: 19 mins

Gain Staging using True Peak Meters Beginner

Using True Peak Meters (LUFS) to gain stage for mixing and calibrating channel levels in your DAW.
Duration: 12 mins

Gain Staging using VU Meters Beginner

What are VU Meters, how do they work and how to calibrate them for mixing. This tutorial explains all and guides you through the processes required gain stage your mixes using VU meters.
Duration: 11 mins

Headroom and Dynamic Range Beginner

Learn about structuring your mixes for maximum headroom and dynamic range and how to avoid the usual pitfalls faced with channel summing.
Duration: 9 mins

ISP - Intersample Peaks Intermediate

What are Intersample Peaks (ISP) and how do you control them.
Duration: 9 mins

DIY Mastering using Pink Noise Intermediate

The entire Mixing to Pink Noise process covered and including how to use mastered profiles on your mixes.
Duration: 25 mins

The Pan Law Beginner

What is the Pan Law and how it affects your mixes. Setting the right preferences in your DAW is critical and The Pan Law plays a big part in that.
Duration: 14 mins

Summing in a Mix within your DAW Intermediate

Summing in your DAW, how to manage gains and frequencies for maintaining headroom and clarity.
Duration: 5 mins

Metering Explained - VU LUFS LU K-Ref.... Advanced

How to read and calibrate all the various Meters within your DAW.
Duration: 25 mins

Cubase Meter - Customising Beginner

Customising your DAW's Metering to suit your needs in Cubase.
Duration: 10 mins

Valves/Tubes - what are they and how do they work Advanced

What are valves/tubes, how do they work, and how and when to use them.
Duration: 10 mins

Tape Saturation - what is it and how do you use it Advanced

What is tape saturation, how does it work and when and how to use it.
Duration: 13 mins

Phase - what is total and partial phase cancellation Beginner

Discover what phase is and what total and partial phase cancellation are and when they occur.
Duration: 11 mins

Normalisation - what it is and how to use it Beginner

What is normalisation - what are Peak and RMS normalisation.
Duration: 6 mins

Working the Air Band with Equalisation Intermediate

Equalisation techniques to control and process the Air Band.
Duration: 9 mins

Active, Passive, Graphic, Parametric, Fixed and Peaking Eqs Intermediate

What are the various types of equaliser designs/topologies what are the differences between them, and how and when to use them.
Duration: 13 mins

Dynamic EQ - what is it and how do you use it Intermediate

What is Dynamic Equalisation, how it works and how to use it.
Duration: 8 mins

Eq Filters and Slopes/Responses Intermediate

Which filters to select when using equalisation, how to match filter slopes and responses and how best to utilise them.
Duration: 13 mins

Linear Phase Eq versus Minimum Phase Eq Intermediate

A detailed tutorial on the differences between Linear and Minimum Phase topologies-how and when to use them.
Duration: 11 mins

Mastering Demos with EQ Advanced

How to best prep your demo masters with equalisation.
Duration: 5 mins

Mastering EQ - Air Band Processing Advanced

How to process the Air Band using equalisation - add sparkle and space to your mixes.
Duration: 8 mins

Creating the 3 master reverbs using the FabFilter Pro R reverb Advanced

Crafting the three main master mix reverbs using FabFilter Pro-R reverb.
Duration: 9 mins

Constructing the 3 master mix reverbs using Melda MReverb Advanced

The art and science of working the main mix reverbs in series and in parallel using Melda's MReverb plugin..
Duration: 9 mins

Reverb - manipulating distance using Proximity Intermediate

Learn about the reverb proximity effect and how to control it. Create distance and 'behind' you effects using TDR's Proximity.
Duration: 9 mins

iZotope Ozone Reverb - how to create a mix reverb Beginner

A very cool technique for creating that elusive master reverb for your mixes using iZotope Ozone's reverb.
Duration: 5 mins

Creating a Master Mix Reverb Intermediate

Learn how to create the perfect stereo master bus reverb for all your mixes.
Duration: 11 mins

Creating a Big Studio Reverb a.k.a the Abbey Rd Reverb Intermediate

This tutorial shows you how to create the famous Abbey Rd Big Studio Reverb for your mix projects.
Duration: 8 mins

Ducking any Frequency using Middle and Side Intermediate

Advanced technique incorporating M/S (Middle and Side) processing to duck specific frequencies in a mix.
Duration: 7 mins

DIY Mastering using Commercial Mix Profiles Intermediate

Advanced techniques showing you how you can master your music using commercial mixes as profiles for use with equalisers that offer a Match eq feature. Take a commercial mix, rip the eq profile and use it to master your own music. Very cool!
Duration: 17 mins

MixBus-Transparent Pre Mastering Intermediate

Samplecraze series of MixBus processing Tutorials: How to create a transparent master!
Duration: 14 mins

MixBus - House Music Pre Mastering Intermediate

Samplecraze series of MixBus processing tutorials: Create a dynamic House master!
Duration: 19 mins

MixBus - Urban Music Pre Mastering Intermediate

Samplecraze series of MixBus processing tutorials: Create a dynamic Urban master!
Duration: 13 mins

Layering Reverbs for a Big and Lush Effect Beginner

How to layer 3 vocal reverbs for the ultimate in warmth and thickness.
Duration: 6 mins

Stealing Transients - Maximising Loudness Beginner

Old school techniques for removing errant transients to maximise headroom for mastering.
Duration: 6 mins

Avoiding Masking and Summing of frequencies by Panning Intermediate

Understanding what is panning, masking of frequencies and summing within your DAW!
Duration: 5 mins

MixBus Mastering Equalisation Intermediate

Learn how to use eq to master your mixes at the mixbus!
Duration: 16 mins

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