Samplecraze and Acustica Audio join forces to bring you an insane two way deal!

By purchasing from Samplecraze you qualify for a 30% discount on ANY Acustica Audio product purchase bar the N4.

To qualify for this limited ‘first come first serve’ offer you need to purchase a Samplecraze eBook or Video Book from here and then contact us with your order reference. I will then issue you an exclusive single discount coupon which you can use at checkout at Acustica Audio.

Please note: You have to register an account at Acustica Audio and log in before applying the coupon code.

Acustica Audio are the creators behind the highly acclaimed  VVKT technology-based audio plugins, bringing the authentic sound of analog processors into the digital domain. If you want the colour of hardware processing in your DAW then look no further than Acustica Audio. 

There are a limited number of discount coupons available so this deal is on a first come first serve basis.

This is a reciprocal arrangement and if you buy at Acustica Audio you qualify for a 30% discount on any Samplecraze eBook or Video book!

Possible scenario: you purchase an ebook at Samplecraze and then head on over to Acustica Audio and purchase a plugin with your 30% discount. This entitles you to another 30% discount at Samplecraze. You purchase another ebook with this discount. This then entitles you to yet another Acustica Audio discount of 30%. You repeat these steps 10 times as there are 10 products that qualify you for the 30% discount at Samplecraze. By repeating these steps you gain an overall average discount at AA of around £360. Win win win. You win, I win, Acustica Audio wins. Win win win.

Please be aware these discount coupons cannot be applied to the N4 Player.