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Power Tips to get Drums to Stand Out

Power Tips to get Drums to Stand Out article is aimed at unleashing the sound designer in you. We all have one and he/she is that voice that creeps into your head and says things like ‘You know you want to add copious amounts of distortion to that snare don’t you? Yes, you do. Go […]

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Intimate Production Techniques

Intimate Production Techniques With the runaway success of Billie Eilish’s debut album (winning 4 Grammys) ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ it’s clear that ‘intimate’ or ‘mumbling’ vocals are in vogue. In fact, it would be accurate to state that ALL the sounds within a mix are produced with ‘presence’ or ‘intimacy’ […]


Tips on buying a budget sound card

For those that are just entering into the ‘write and produce’ industry, selecting the right sound card at the right budget can seem both daunting and complex. However, it’s not all doom n’ gloom. By following a few simple steps the experience can be made both painless and quite rewarding. The first Prozac induced decision […]


Acustica Audio Gold 2

Acustica Audio have steadfastly adhered to their remit of providing genuine hardware topologies in software formats thus making ‘hardware’ available to all and at cringingly competitive prices. Their approach of using dynamic convolution to recreate hardware processors is both novel and potently effective, offering the user a wide range of genuinely comparable software equivalents. They […]

Samplecraze and Acustica Audio Win Win Win Deal!

Samplecraze and Acustica Audio join forces to bring you an insane two way deal! By purchasing from Samplecraze you qualify for a 30% discount on ANY Acustica Audio product purchase bar the N4. To qualify for this limited ‘first come first serve’ offer you need to purchase a Samplecraze eBook or Video Book from here and […]


Home Studio DIY Acoustic Treatment – Part 3

We now need to work on the Super Chunks. These fix into the 2 main corners of the room, directly in front and side of the bay area. These will be made from the damn Rockwool. The Chunks will be fixed from floor to ceiling and covering the whole corner areas. As we bought exactly enough […]


Home Studio DIY Acoustic Treatment – Part 2

Acoustic Foam So, we now know how to build a bass trap Panel. Now the time has come to sort the foam out. The hardest part of working with acoustic foam is handling it. Man, that stuff is so delicate that a single fingernail scratch can cost you a bundle. You think I’m kidding huh? […]


Home Studio DIY Acoustic Treatment – Part 1

It all began 6 months ago. I decided it was time to move house, office and studio, all in one hit. No one will ever know why I made this decision. In fact, after some serious rehab, I came to understand that people, normal people, do not make these kinds of decisions without thinking things […]


The Karaoke Effect

The problem with most of these vocal removal plug-ins is the anomalies created through the process. There are a number of reasons why this process cannot be accomplished truthfully and completely. However, before I go into a diatribe of why this method is not too great, it might actually help if I described the process. […]


Recycle – What is it and how do you use it?

Slicing, or chopping, samples is a process that is so common nowadays, and in most genres, that it has become recognised as a genuine engineering process. It is so accepted and widely used that most software manufacturers incorporate this function in their software designs. The most common slicing software are Recycle, Phatmatik Pro, Guru, most […]