Frequency and Period of Sound screen shows the instek hardware oscilloscope

When dealing with events, as we do for cycles as an example, we are concerned with two factors: Frequency (f) and Time (T). If we look at a single event then T is defined as the start to the end of that event and that amount is measured as a Period.
When dealing with a waveform cycle, the time it takes for the cycle to return to its starting position is defined as Periodicity. Taking this a step further, Frequency is then defined as the number of events that occur over a specified time, and this is illustrated with the following equation:

We measure this Periodicy in seconds (s), cycles per second. The SI unit for one cycle per second is measured in Hertz (Hz). We tend to measure anything above 1000 Hz as kHz (kilohertz) and if dealing with cycles that are measured in shorter durations than one second we use ms (milliseconds: 1/1000th of a second). This is a huge advantage when it comes to measuring microphone distances from sources and trying to correct alignments.

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