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PLEASE watch the Compression Introduction video

Compression-full band  

The simplest way to describe the function of a compressor is as follows: a compressor makes the quiet bits louder and the loud bits quieter. It acts as an automatic volume control.

Multiband Compression

Also known as MB or MBC

These divide the incoming audio signal into multiple bands, with each band being compressed independently from the other.

The beauty of this is that with full band compressors the whole signal is treated, so when a peak is detected, the whole signal is compressed and so other frequencies are also subjected to compression.

Parallel Compression - New York Compression

I like using parallel compression and we will come to an example of this later at the mix stage.

The process is extremely simple and entails using two channels, one with a compressor inserted in the channel and set to completely ‘wet’ (affected) and the other running the dry unaffected version of the same piece of audio that needs affecting. In essence, you make a copy of the audio you want to treat and use a compressor on the copied version and fully wet, and then mix this affected (wet) version with the untreated and dry original.

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