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Pitch Manipulation - Corrective and Creative

Pitch manipulation - 52:00 minutes 

PLEASE watch the Pitch Manipulation video demo

The subject of pitch, what it is, how to define it and how to reference it has been a bit of a 'dark' subject for some as it entials understanding certain physical processes and that comes with the maths.

I have tried to keep this video simple yet informative with emphasis on using real life examples both visually and aurally with before and after projects.

The video is over 50 minutes long and is staggered in stages, so that the more experienced can skip to the relevant sections.

Where relevant I have tried to provide as much information as possible so that you can experiment using the same settings and processes. Using popular software like Propellerheads Recycle, Antares Autotune, Cubase as the DAW, Voxengo Span and Sound Forge I am hoping that the principles and techniques will translate across to your system.

This detailed video contains the following subject material:

  • What is pitch and how do we create it?
  • What are cycles, amplitude, wavelength and timeline?
  • How is frequency defined?
  • What is Hertz?
  • What are time stretching and time compression?
  • What is a spectrum analyser and how do you use it to reference pitch?
  • Using Autotune for correcting pitch anomalies.
  • Using Autotune for creative processes.
  • How do you create the T-Pain and Cher effects?
  • How to use Recycle for corrective and adaptive processes.
  • How to use Recycle with effects to manipulate pitch creatively.
  • Manipulating beats and their slices.
  • What are modulators?
  • What is a source and destination Matrix?
  • How to use pitch manipulation in sound design.
  • What are pitch shifting and pitch bending and how is each modulated?
  • How to use pitch manipulation in sound design. Using Lfos, envelopes, arpeggiators and midi triggering.
  • How to use midi to trigger key and scale changes.

This video covers all aspects of pitch manipulation using the  most popular softwares like Autotune, Recycle, Span, Cubase and Sound Forge.

Price: $8.00

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