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Art of Drum Layering Advanced

PLEASE watch the Art of Drum Layering demo video

As featured in Sound On Sound

Power up your DAW and create some amazing textures in layering drum sounds using advanced processing techniques!!

The Samplecraze Art of Drum Layering Advanced video tutorial continues where the highly successful book The Art of Drum Layering left off.

Over 1 hour of intense content covering the following:

ADSR Elements – working with envelopes

  • Creating Elements using an audio editor
  • Topping and Tailing Elements for optimum layering
  • Understanding the relevance of cross-fades (linear and exponential)
  • Aligning and Layering the Elements in a DAW
  • Real-time switching of the Elements
  • Summing control

Phase and Phase Cancellation

  • What it is and how to use it in Layering Drum sounds
  • Working with Phase Alignment within a DAW
  • Understanding and working with Invert/Flip at sample and channel levels
  • Summing Values for Phase Cancellation
  • Understanding Scrub/Nudge values and how to calculate them
  • Working with Nudge values to achieve various Frequency Cancellations
  • Frequency Summing, Masking and Clashing – when do they occur and how do you control them
  • Using varying degrees of Phase Cancellation to create new sonic textures
  • Real-time Nudging of Flipped Channels
  • Controlling the Frequency Ranges using Filters
  • Working with Filters on Secondary Layers for Band Cancellation
  • Understanding which Frequencies to Cancel
  • Energy and Bandwidth

Middle and Side

  • Understanding each M/S Component
  • Using M/S to create Stereo Width for Drum Layers
  • Using M/S for layering Secondary Layers
  • Creating M and S components from a Stereo File
  • Using M/S and Phase Cancellation together for Layering Drums
  • Using Filters with M/S to create varying Width and Central Information
  • Creating Stereo Width using Frequency Conscious M/S
  • Creating Tonal Layering from Dual Channels with M/S
  • Manipulating Frequencies of Split Middle and Side Channels
  • Creating new Centre and Side Channel Data

The video ends with a short demo on how STN Primary and Secondary Layers can be used to stack Layers and create huge sounds.

If you would like to explore more about the STN Layering Samples then CLICK here.

Price: $15.00

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