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Some science

I have decided to now include an advanced section within each one of my tutorials on the site. I tend to try to explain physics in laymen's terms using simple diagrams and explanations. However, as so many hit my site for reference content, I thought it best to start to include some more advanced principles using the wonders of graphs and formulae.

Is there any specific subject you would like covered?

Album Collaboration

I am starting work on an album that will be a journey into both sound design and have a very strong avant-garde theme. I am looking for people to collaborate with and specifically singers with very distinct voices.

The music will be focused on very heavy driving beats, acres of low end but will also be strangely melodic in structure. Song writers with a taste for the unusual are welcome.

If you are interested please email me at with links to some of your work.

Please share this if you know someone who would be interested.

Beat Construction

Beat Construction is the latest installment in the Samplecraze Production Series of books aimed solely at Beat Makers.

Constructing drum beats, and specifically for Urban and Dance genres, seems to be a closely guarded secret and trying to get any information on how current producers create and manage their beats is a long and arduous struggle.

For the first time ever an entire book has been dedicated in exploring and revealing some of the music industry's secrets.

Beat Construction

Been working on this book now for the past 6 weeks but it is starting to take shape nicely.


Perception in Sound Design and Production - Part 3

If we look at sound as more than just its physical qualities of cycles/time/amplitude then we can begin to think of it as another 3 dimensional entity that can be shaped within that remit. This means that we can alter its properties within the existing criteria that governs the existence and movement of sound. A good way to understand this is by example: if you listen to the following audio examples you will notice some strange things happening to the sound even though its properties have not changed.

Perception in Sound Design and Production - Part 2

In Part 1 of this article we looked at the varying scientific tests being conducted on the senses and in particular the sense of 'instinct'. In this part we will look at the more general concepts governing sound and its perception.

There are 2 ways to alter the perception of sound:

1. We manipulate the sound itself.

2. We manipulate the environment the sound resides and moves in.

Perception in Sound Design and Production - Part 1

This series of blogs will be an ongoing exploration, and evaluation, into/of the subject of Sound Perception. But before I jump into the deep end and get thoroughly confused it might help to define perception.

Whether we follow the Oxford Dictionaries Site or Wiki perception is defined as follows:


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