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Low End Book

Just got to the chapter on using the 808, and I have yet to some across a better emulator than D16's Nepheton

Low End Tests

As I am in the heavy part of my book on the subject of Low End I thought it might be worthwhile adding a SoundCloud Test Page for a few of the before/after audio exercises.

Low End Tests

Thought you might enjoy hearing some of the processes.
All the best,

HarBal - Product of the Month

Those of you who may have read my books and tutorials here at Samplecraze will know I am a fan of HarBal. I use it extensively both in my tutorials and my mastering projects. I also find HarBal to be an excellent teaching resource for those that are not familiar with spectral balancing. However, HarBal is far more than 'just a mastering tool', it has so many highly useful features that it would be better if I let the video do the explaining.

All I can say is that if you don't own HarBal then you are missing out on an essential tool.

Killa Kits - the ultimate Hip Hop and Dance drum library!

Samplecraze and STN are proud to announce:

'Killa Kits' is a collection of 6,000 drum samples formatted into 96 presets for NI Battery 3 and Kontakt 4,covering genres from Rap and Hip Hop to Dance.

Sos review of Beat Construction

This month's copy of Sound On Sound features a review of Beat Construction. If you don't subscribe to this magazine then you best get to it straight away. Best audio technology mag on the planet.

Low End book.

Am a 1/3 of the way through with this book and am having so much damn fun that I can see it becoming a Tolstoy affair.

The Divide

I wanted to thank those that purchased my book for the emails, and the invaluable feedback, I have received.

The general premise that most of the emails followed is that of 'sharing' knowledge, and although thanking me makes me feel lovely, it really is not something I fearlessly feel I have to keep to myself.


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