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Mixing with Noise!

I have been watching a few YouTube videos recently about mixing with Pink Noise, and I must say, some of these 'tutorial' videos are so bad that the level of spreading misinformation is worrying.

Mmmm, what video next?

Not sure which to go for:

1. Mixing with Noise.

2. Reverb and Sound Design

Any preferences?

Samplecraze Masterclasses

Guys, could you please check everything is in order before we go to town with this?

Please use the Masterclass menu option to the right for sub menus.

Mach 5

Damn it! I swore I would never create another instrument that relied on a generic host, but I have to say, this Mach 5 is seriously fun.

Low End Book now available!

A huge thanks to Tom, Iain and Andy for helping out with the finalisation of this epic mutha!

For all my subscribers: thank you so much for both your patience and understanding. You're all stars.

I hope the book is of use to you and I sincerely hope it ignites the creative juices and demystifies the subject of Low End Theory!

Low End Book

Just started the chapter summary. Such joy.

However, have started compiling the 'before after demos' and I'm having such fun.

Damn, some of these plugins are funky.


Low End Book


The book on the subject of Low End is now finished. A little 260 page, 2.19 gig, affair.

Working on completing artwork, proofing etc.

May the nut rattle be with you!
Praise be the nut rattle!
Praise be!

Low End

Mmm, today I decided to treat myself and write a whole section in the book on sound design for low end.Rarely have I had so much fun mauling sounds.....I sense the Dark Side in me today. Veiled I be. Trust me cannot.

Low End

Damn! This book is now way past 230 pages and I still have 3 more submissions to mix!

STN Xmas Sale!!!!

Come and grab a mad Xmas deal at STN!!

Tons of bargains to make your Xmas a touch more 'personal'.


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