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Mixing to Noise - Hip Hop and EDM Profiling

I am proud to announce we have just released the latest in the line of niche and unique video tutorials from Samplecraze.

This month's release is Mixing to Noise!

Dumbing down - audio technology courses

Recently, I have been getting more and more dismayed at the appalling level of knowledge offered to 'students' by both online schools and tech institutions.

DruMM Designer

Designer is on the home run now with Mike working some coding magic whilst Iain deciphers what is in my brain and, of course, the handsome one (Tom) threw the new design at me today which has got me feeling damn excited. We will soon be beat testing and a select few amigos have been chosen to run Designer through its paces.


So, you make music and want to do it better. What do you do?

If you have time and patience, you can try to teach yourself, which is one reason why we at Samplecraze publish books and create tutorial videos.

If you have cash to burn, you could take a few years to do one of the many degree courses that promise to land you a hypothetical music industry job. But that’s a leap of faith.

Mixing with Noise!

Damn, I'm buzzing today. Just finished the noise video and am at the 'editing' stage (pah).
I've broken the video tutorial into two parts: Part 1 deals with the attributes of noise and what the various colours mean. Part 2 deals with mixing Electric Sheep by GAM Productions using noise and then using profile rips to remix to genre.

DruMM Mach 5

Started on the first series and will go from there. However, I have noticed the massive differences between the effects and dynamics compared to NI's Kontakt; they are better in almost all departments. The scripting is far more intuitive and has far less limitations than Kontakt's and the negeral ease of navigation is provided nicely by the default template.

Lopve it! Will have a beta ready in a week.

Mixing with Noise!

I decided to go further with this process and create a video that has far more detail than the usual You Tube videos. Because of this I will include this video as a product on the Samplecraze site. In the interim, I want to thank Gap-E from GAM Productions for use of his track Electric Sheep. I will be using the stems from this track and creating a level mix using only noise. However, there will be the odd nugget of useful info in the video as there is much more you can do with noise when mixing than just referencing levels.

DruMM Mach 5

Have just started work on the Mach 5 version of all STN content. Blah!

Mind you, far superior signal path and actual 'usable' effects and dynamics than Kontakt, so should be fun reworking the processes.


Have a wonderful Easter and if I get a minute free I'll finish off the noise mixing video tutorial.

Hip Hop huh?

So, a label has contacted me to dissertate their pre mastered production of a Hip Hop track. Can't say more, sorry dudes. Anyways, whilst scanning the material and taking notes I realised that I had barely understood a word the rapper spat, and remember, I'm an ethnic, we can speak Hobbit and Camel when required. So, I decided to do the old filter/flip nonsense to isolate more of the vocals.


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