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DruMM Designer update

Working on the near complete beta (near meaning a tad ways to go but all functions working etc).

Going through some of the signal paths has made me feel seriously excited. I feel I now have a drum module designed specifically for sound design and nothing else. I have always preferred dedicated synths/samplers for specific instrument sounds. We have it with synths etc but no dedicated drum creation module. Sure, we have drum synths that can load samples, play them back, edit them, sequence them and so on but not one that is dedicated to how a drum/beat producer would create a sound: using sound design techniques for colouring and production techniques to bring the best out of the colour. Designer is aimed solely at sound design. We, the team, thought hard about all manner of sequencers, midi libraries etc...but decided this would not only bloat the software but take away from what Designer is all about. In the future we might create a drum based sequencer but not now. Designer will be kept to its ethos, an ethos that has been planned over time and shaped for sound design. The idea that one single module can take care of all your drum needs has always attracted me. I remember when I had the MiniMoog Model D. I loved it! I thought to myself 'this Moog bloke thinks like a sound designer'. In those days we used to make string machines, bass modules, drum samplers and so on, each being focused on a specific task, and off the back of that we launched a number of genres. We left the songwriting and production aspect of the mix to the workstation manufacturers.

Everything about DruMM Designer is aimed at sound design. Ghost and Shuffle are the only two functions that are not specifically sound design based but more of a mix process. However, I felt that it would be a huge creative tool when playing back your beat using Designer and being afforded a Ghost function and a Shuffle function so you can check, in real-time, how to proceed with your sound design project. Come out of that and start setting up delays etc takes away from the 'in one place' processing.

Right, back to having fun.